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“In moments of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge.”
~ Albert Einstein

Revolutionary Party

On May 2nd, 2008, the day after Labour Day, Spearhead Action Group NL formally kicked off with the Revolutionary Party in one of the historical basements along the Oudegracht in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Dozens of purposeful partyheads from all corners of the Earth chilled and danced the night away to the revolutionary tunes of Bob Marley and Manu Chao. After raising 308,- euros in entrance fees and sales of organic snacks, the night was sealed off with a live performance by gipsy and flamenco guitarist Filip Vacha.

The Revolutionary Party was held to celebrate the official founding of Stichting Spearhead Nederland as a formally registered non-profit organization under Dutch law. The official status of our organization allows us to raise funds for charity without having to pay any taxes. This means that your financial contributions will directly benefit those in need!


Pictures fundraising revolutionary party